F R A G I L E I D O L S - K O N C O L O S

22.5 x 33 x 21 cm
Driftwood, expoxy clay

F R A G I L E I D O L S - R E S T I N G A N G E L

22 x 33 x 33 cm
Driftwood, bone, epoxy clay

F R A G I L E I D O L S - B I R D W I T H A P U R P O S E

46,5 x 32 x 30,5 cm
Driftwood, bone, epoxy clay

F R A G I L E I D O L S - M R . E L E P H A N T

24,5 x 50 x 22 cm
Driftwood, bone, epoxy clay

F R A G I L E I D O L S - N E E D L E T A I L

12,5 x 21 x 67 cm
Driftwood, bone, epoxy clay


Cetin Ural focuses on how the nature is perceived and examines the congruity, contrariety, and transfiguration in his art work. The central focus of his artistic intervention is the reformation of organic materials. Bones, tree roots, petrified wood and natural findings are among the materials the artist uses extensively.

With his sculptures the artist invites viewers to formulate their own distinctive stories about the pieces and overlaps imagination with the physical reality. Ural creates with his work unusual and unexpected images by mixing cultural, folkloric, and mythological references. When the artist sculpts his figures, he brings to the forefront the uniqueness of natural objects. This approach builds the anatomy of the figures, but it also distorts the form. This is a deliberate choice by the artist.

Cetin Ural was awarded a bachelor of arts degree from the Anadolu University Graphic Design Faculty in 2005. The artist lives in England and works as a sculptor, graphic designer and illustrator. He presents his work with the brand name Uralium. Among the exhibitions he attended were “The Stars of Istanbul Project (UNICEF, Istanbul, Turkey 2011) and “Young Event” Exhibition (UNESCO A.I.A.P International Association of Art Turkish Committee, Istanbul, Turkey, 2011).

Please visit www.uralium.com to see the artist’s graphic art and illustrations.


+44 (0) 7375 135551
Brighton, United Kingdom